Here, eat it

I twittyfucked this, but neglected to hook my Plebiscite nerds up with the goods. I’ll never finish this, but let’s pretend like I’m gonna keep adding to it.

Plebiscite’s Map of Pretty Good Places to Eat in San Francisco, or, Where an Asian Boy Can Be a Boy.

I’m excited to see what kind of hits I get by tagging this post with “Asian Boy.” Asian boy.

3 responses to “Here, eat it

  1. Hi, found you through MSF’s blog. I’m working on a web service that makes food of talented chefs more accessible. Can you shoot me an email when you have some time? Thanks.

  2. Sorry, not sure if my email was included in that last comment. It’s andy at

  3. After seeing that i feel hungry… love to see that and want to
    eat that…😀

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